Build strong and long-term
with influencers

By managing your influencer marketing campaigns with our platform

Miscommunication in content creation leading to dissonance with your brand image

encountered in influencer marketing


A lot of time spent in organizing, contacting and briefing influencers 

Missed deadlines
from influencers

Inefficient management

of terms and projects with influencers


Influencer Campaign Management Tool with Streamlined Workflows

Create influencer marketing campaigns in a fast and easy way

Manage your relationships with influencers in one place

Give influencers the opportunity to work professionally

Meet deadlines and reduce risks for your brand image by approving every piece of content

Save time for more creative work instead of operations


Create campaign

Set goals, dates, and budget


Invite influencers

Add the influencer's email and Instagram

Create a personal brief for each influencer

Invite the influencers to join the campaign


Change the relationship status of invited influencers


Manage the workflow of your collaborations

Negotiate terms & budgets

Approve or reject the created content

Track deadlines

How it works

Influencer Campaign Management Tool


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