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What are the new images in the social network space - AI influencers and their role today.

What is an AI Influencer and how is it created?

AI influencers are mostly created by tech companies specializing in AI and CGI technologies. Creators range from established technology giants to startups. There are also individual creators, such as photographer Cameron-James Wilson, who designed the world's first digital supermodel, Shudu.

    AI influencers are virtual characters created using advanced computer generated images and artificial intelligence technology. Influencers are often designed to look like real people. These digital "avatars" can look like anyone and be programmed to say or do whatever the person behind the artificial intelligence wishes.

      Platforms in which influencers are created through artificial intelligence work in a similar way - characteristics such as ethnicity, hair type, eyes, distinguishing marks are introduced. A backstory of the imaginary person is written and a style is chosen in which the pictures will be generated. After fine-tuning the details, countless shots can be created that look consistent and authentic.
      Lil Miquela is considered the first AI influencer. She was created by a startup company - Brud, and currently has over 2.5 million followers.
      However, the creators of AI influencers do not always aim to copy human traits. We're also seeing extreme interest in AI Instagram profiles like those of Janky and Noonoouri, who don't want to trick us into thinking they're real people, but rather impress us with an interesting digital image.

      The social networks with the presence of AI Influencers

      • Imma.gram in collaboration with Coach - world famous personalities and influencers participate in the campaign, and the brand creatively added the AI influencer Imma:

      Although they appeared not long ago, AI influencers are not yet common in social networks. However, new digital content creators always generate interest. AI influencer profiles on Instagram are not something we are used to, but that's what makes them an original way of online marketing.
      Some global brands have already tried this innovative and partly experimental way of reaching their customers. Here are some interesting campaigns of well-known brands with AI influencers:

      However, there are challenges AI influencer creators cannot overcome. Digital characters have no way to make a real connection with the audience. They will always be seen by their followers as not…an innovation whose development they are simply watching. They don't have the sense of empathy and understanding that real influencers can offer.

      In the ever-evolving field of artificial intelligence, an innovation has appeared that you've probably already heard about - AI influencers. What do they look like, how do they work, and why is their popularity growing all the time? In this blog, we'll dive into all the interesting aspects of the topic, exploring the impact of AI influencers on technology, society, and the future of AI.

        • gioalemann is an AI influencer with over 500k followers. She has long-term collaborations with CocaCola and Samsung:

        The Perspective of AI Influencers

        In conclusion, AI influencers are opening a new page in the world of social media marketing. While they provide exciting opportunities for brands to engage with their audiences, they are still in their early stages of development and suffer from a lack of the human feelings and emotions that people in our digital age crave today.

        AI influencers are building the image of a new kind of social media participant. Innovation in these images represents a unique convergence of artificial intelligence and digital culture, offering both promising opportunities and significant challenges.

        AI influencers can offer different ways of engaging the audience. Moreover, the creativity in their content has no limits. The shots are independent of location, photographers and conditions. Artificial intelligence can generate anything we desire. As digitally created images, there are no ethnic or language barriers for AI influencers. This makes them ideal for global campaigns. They excel at rapid content creation and adaptability.

        On the other hand, however, the portrayal of AI influencers as mostly idealized, youthful figures fuels the unrealistic beauty standards that are a hotly debated topic today. For this very reason, advocates of the topic have voiced their concerns, and as a result, today we see more and more AI influencers as cartoon characters or animals.

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