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How to get the most out of your influencer marketing campaigns?

Webinar | 22.02.2024 | 15:00
Снимка на Радостина Горошевич
Yoanna Petrova

Meet our panelists

Тodor Kirov
Project manager at "Happy Bar and Grill"
Снимка на Мария Иванова
Natalia Yordanova
Campaign manager of
Снимка на Радостина Горошевич

1. An overview of influencer marketing and its benefits when launching a new product with Natalia Yordanova, campaign manager at
2. A successful example of using influencer marketing to launch a new product with Todor Kirov, project manager at "Happy Bar and Grill"
3. Methods for preparing and creating content for different types of campaigns with Yoanna Petrova, influencer
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Natalia Yordanova
Campaign Manager
Georgi Demirev
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