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Connect with relevant influencers
Manage campaigns
Evaluate performance

What can do

Influencer marketing from A to Z
01. presents data about influencers, including information about their audience and indicators of their marketing performance
Search influencer by: name, category, audience age and gender, hashtags and others
Analyze the content and performance of each influencer quickly and efficiently
Filter influencers by desired criteria
Manage campaigns with streamlined work processes
Operate effective influencer marketing campaigns and control your processes while saving time and avoiding issues with your collaborators. provides all of these features in one place!
Set goals, dates and budgets for a campaign
Quick, easy and efficient influencer briefs
Negotiate collaboration terms and meet deadlines
Review influencer content
Track campaign performance
Calculate performance at the end of your campaign
Track your return on investment metrics
Analyze and optimize your campaigns
Why you will love
Connect with relevant influencers quickly and efficiently
Save time with decisions based on concrete data
Manage your influencer collaborations in one place
Easy performance tracking and optimization
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