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Connect with relevant influencers

Manage campaigns

Evaluate performance

The preffered AI and data driven

Flawless campaign execution
Will publications happen on time? Will they meet your quality requirements? - Our experienced campaign managers will leverage advanced process automation to execute and track campaign execution and ensure your get your results on time.
Efficient campaign administration
Payments, contracts and invoices - We got it covered for you. Our highly automated processes with quality checks and tracking by professionals ensure you can fully focus on advancing your business and brand while we take care of all the admin work.
Performance tracking and analysis
Was this campaign worth it? What's the ROI? And what to do even better next time? - Our results monitoring helps your understand what drove the success of your campaign, identify best practices and decide what to prioritize next time.

What we can do for you

Influencer marketing from A to Z
Select the right strategy and format for your campaign
Should you go for a giveaway, product review or brand ambassadors - we can help with each of them.

Our experienced campaign managers will help you select the right strategy and format to derive maximum results from your campaign.
Select the right influencers for your campaign
Should you work with one or multiple influencers? Tik-Tok, Instagram or YouTube? Or all of them? We can help you find the right number and type of influencers based on past campaigns performance, quantitative and qualitative data and predictive analytics.
Why clients trust us
We support you end-to-end: Share your idea and we'll take care of the rest
We leverage professional project management to deliver on time
We predict and ensure best results through data-driven approach
We provide you with access to the entire influencer ecosystem in Bulgaria
We are agile and flexible to meet any changes in your business needs

Companies that trusted us

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"Thanks to, my communication with brands is always easy, hassle-free and very fast."

- Antoanet Popova
"My work with has been trouble-free so far. Thanks for that."

- Stefan Popov
- Nikoleta Gospodinova
"Working with you is always very light and easy. Communication with your great team is more than perfect."
"The work process is made as easy as possible with the help of the team."
- Maria Radoslavova
- Ivomila Petkova
"Thanks for the correctness of the wonderful team, and I wish you many new exciting projects."
Maria Ivanova
Campaign Manager

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