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Black Friday is one of the busiest days for shopping in the United States and elsewhere. This day is used by chains and stores as an opportunity to offer discounts to attract customers. In addition, Black Friday provides an opportunity for stores to clear out their inventory, reducing prices to ensure sales before the Christmas holidays and to show appreciation to their customers.

«lack Friday is celebrated in the last week of November every year. This year the date is November 24th, which is only a few days away from now.

Black Friday Influencer Marketing

Black Friday influencer marketing is more than a must! It would give guaranteed results and a wonderful impact on the audience.

What is Black Friday and how can businesses benefit from it?

Don't worry if you're not quite sure how to get started with creating a successful campaign, we at influ.ai have some tips to guide you through the process of Black Friday influencer campaigns.

Why Black Friday Influencer Marketing Is Your Best Move?

Benefits of an influencer campaign

In recent years, shopping has mostly moved online. Consumers are increasingly turning to online shopping, preferring it to visiting physical stores. With an increasing number of people eagerly waiting for bargains, online retailers are currently experiencing an unparalleled opportunity to attract new customers and boost their sales volume.

This process makes social media a perfect advertising venue for companies of all sizes. At the time, this significantly leveled the playing field for companies that previously did not have the means to participate in the competitive race. To attract younger audiences, companies are adopting new strategies in digital marketing, allowing them to not only follow but also actively participate in influencer marketing trends.

As we noted, Black Friday influencer marketing is the key to driving e-commerce sales through social media channels. This makes this type of marketing extremely accessible to any brand, regardless of size.

Lots of people looking for items and gifts for the holiday season is a perfect opportunity to expand your customer reach. Although new customers are valuable, it is important to maintain your relationship with existing ones. This moment is a chance for small and medium-sized brands to stand out with unique marketing strategies and win the hearts of their customers.

Black Friday provides an opportunity to easily engage users on social media with engaging content - yet one click is key in online shopping. This day is perfect for attracting leads, increasing sales and converting your current audience into loyal customers.

More and more companies start preparing their marketing campaigns in advance, with the aim of engaging their customers. Based on our observations, we can make a few recommendations for the timeframe in which you publish your Black Friday content:

  • We recommend that you start about a week in advance to prepare your followers. Don't worry if you've missed this moment - even a day or two before the discounts are announced is a good time to start too.

  • Use your most attractive advertising offers, but don't forget to mention other promotions that your customers would appreciate as well.

  • The most important post is during Black Friday itself, when you have the opportunity to mobilise your audience and achieve impressive results.

  • This does not mean that it is the end of your campaign. Something that many brands overlook, but has proven to be hugely important, is a reminder post during the weekend after Black Friday. Thus, you provide your audience with a last chance to take advantage of the offers that your brand offers.

    How to structure your campaign

    How to make your Black Friday Influencer Marketing campaign successful

    The first piece of advice we can give is to vary the type of Black Friday influencers you work with. More followers will provide greater reach, but micro-influencers will contribute to direct sales conversions thanks to their active followers.

    Give influencers freedom to choose their content, they have built their audience through authenticity.

    And don't stop there, use various posts to drive more traffic to your brand. Don't just rely on static posts and stories, include video content to make it more interesting for your audience.

    Draw your customers' attention to tempting offers and promo codes. By using unique promo codes for each influencer, brands can track real-time sales, calculate ROI, and monitor who their top-performing influencers are.

    «lack Friday is your chance, besides converting target audiences and generating traffic, to elevate your brand and create a name for it.
    Although it all sounds easy to say, our team knows that the process can be complex and long, and the results are not always what you expected. Creating well-thought-out campaigns can be difficult or overwhelming, especially with little time left. Influ.ai is your trusted partner for influencer marketing campaigns.

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