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During the Christmas holidays, we are surrounded by tempting offers from our favorite brands. Marketers from all over the world activate all their marketing abilities and join the race for the most compelling advertising campaign. From heart-warming stories to cleverly crafted banter, these campaigns have become part of our perception of the holidays. Some of them sell, some win, but all of them are necessarily successful examples of successful campaigns.
How else would we get inspired if not by the creative genius behind the most creative holiday campaigns in history.

The Most Creative Holiday Campaigns

What are the commercials we will never forget? Let's take a look at some of the most creative holiday campaigns in history.

Google's Santa Tracking is a classic themed entertainment page that has been developed over the years. Children and adults can watch Santa deliver toys around the world on Christmas Eve. Every day from December until Christmas Eve, a new Santa area is revealed, which has its own unique activity that allows children to play, watch and learn. Over 150,000 visitors flock to the website during the Christmas period to follow Santa Claus.
Certainly, the Google tradition has become one of the most creative holiday campaigns in history. The page is a wonderful and engaging gesture, especially for the children, who are awaiting the old man and are engrossed in the games and movies, which, as we found out, are different every day.

You can visit the site here:

A bonus creative campaign that impressed us and we want to share with you is that of IKEA from 2014.

1. Coca Cola "Holidays are coming"

We will certainly start with everyone's long-time favorite - Coca Cola. What is Christmas without the poignant and captivating advertising campaigns of the brand responsible for spreading the image of Santa Claus we know today?

It is driven by the idea that many people start the holiday market several months before Christmas. The idea that IKEA takes from this is that "it's never too early for Christmas shopping". In fact, almost a third of consumers start shopping in October or even earlier. On this occasion, the company decided to promote its early holiday sale with flyers with a simple but very clever design. It consisted of a sprig of a newly sprouted Christmas tree, giving the idea of an early Christmas.

The most creative holiday campaigns in history are precisely the ones that we remember for years, we admire their ideas and remember the feelings they caused in us.
The team at influ.ai wishes you wonderful holidays!

It turns out that Coca Cola's 1995 Christmas campaign "Holidays are coming" has not yet been beaten in success by the brand's subsequent campaigns. The magic trucks are something distinctive and almost nostalgic, for everyone who has seen the advertisement and have become a symbol of the brand.

2. Spotify Wrapped

If you're not familiar with Spotify's annual "Wrapped" campaign, you're missing out on one of the most creative holiday marketing campaigns in recent years. Since 2016, the brand has been analysing users' streaming habits and sharing a personalised snapshot of each individual customer - a musical 'year in review'.

This is a very personal gesture from the platform that people have fallen in love with. In recent years, it has even been eagerly awaited by Spotify customers, who boost its popularity even more with posts on social networks.

3. Starbucks's red cups

Every year coffee lovers around the world eagerly await the seasonal transition. No, not for the leaves to change color or the white snow to transform the view, but for Starbucks to replace its usual white and green cups with cheerful holiday designs.

The Lego Group is calling its collaboration with Katy Perry its "biggest and most playful" holiday campaign yet.
The most interesting and creative part of the project is that LEGO gave a group of children to construct a car that the singer rides in the campaign shots. The children's invention was a unique vehicle built from Lego, a space shuttle and a giraffe, which was then recreated in the video advertisement.

5. Google Santa Tracker

Due to differences in the ideologies of both the customers and the marketer, the design of the glasses has undergone changes almost every Christmas campaign. In 2016, Starbucks cleverly took advantage of the situation and managed to get customers even more involved in the brand by giving them the opportunity to participate in a cup design competition. This is without a doubt one of the most creative holiday campaigns in history.
Over the years, Starbucks' holiday cups have become a symbol of the winter season, and now the appearance of the red cup signals to people that it's time for the holidays.

4. LEGO and Katy Perry

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