Influencer Marketing for New Product Launch

Why and how to use influencer marketing for new product launch?

Why Use Influencer Marketing for New Product Launch

What is more valued than creativity when it comes to advertising and distributing a new product? When it comes to creative promotion, using influencer marketing to launch a new product is a unique weapon to deal with the competition. Influencers are liked precisely because of their authenticity, and the campaigns that are created can be one of a kind. Due to the individual style and voice of the selected person, the brand can stand out in the crowd of uniform advertisements.

  • Increased trust and reliability

One of the most significant advantages of influencer marketing is that it helps to increase the credibility and reputation of your product. When an influencer expresses approval for a product, their followers take it as a personal recommendation from someone they trust. This type of recommendation can significantly influence their decisions, as people are generally more likely to purchase a product if it is recommended by a trusted source.

  • Build brand awareness and loyalty

    When it comes to product launches, building brand awareness and loyalty is key. Influencer marketing successfully increases the visibility and awareness of a new product. By leveraging the audience as an influencer, engagement and awareness increase significantly and excitement is created about the new product and brand.

    Consumer reaction

    In addition to the audience, how the content is presented is also of great importance for the successful promotion of the new product. It can be in various formats like:

    • Unboxing videos with unadulterated reactions of the influencer (suitable for live format);

    • Tutorial video clips or photos with explanations for the use of the product;

    • Capturing the influencer's first reaction to the new product;

    • Attention-grabbing promotional videos that evoke; curiosity towards the new product;

    • Giveaway of the new product.

    The response of the audience when using influencer marketing to launch a new product is essential to evaluate the effectiveness of this strategy.
    We all know the feeling when our favourite influencer introduces us to a new brand or product of a brand. Usually, as viewers, we empathise and support the influencer's choices without much hesitation. This happens when the promoter works with a well-known and close audience. When the interests of the influencer and the audience coincide with those of the brand, we get the perfect scenario for all parties. On the one hand, there is excitement in the audience about the new product, and on the other, the brand has successfully connected with the right people. Thus, influencer marketing supports the launch of a new product in an attractive and, above all, authentic way.

    In conclusion, the choice of content format in influencer marketing is multi-layered, and each format offers unique benefits. A good balance between visual, interactive and narrative formats ensures a well thought out and engaging campaign that effectively resonates with the audience. To get the most out of your influencer marketing campaigns, put your trust in influ.ai. We will be by your side throughout the process to success.
    Influencer marketing is always a plus when it comes to the effective promotion of a brand, service or specific product. But there are times when influencers are essential to a new product launch.
    Here are some of the key points when incorporating influencers into your new product marketing strategy is recommended:

    • Introducing a product that was previously unknown to users

    In cases where a product is launched whose features are unknown to the audience, influencer involvement is key. A consumer would not trust a completely unknown product without getting some kind of explanation first. Therefore, the role of influencers is to introduce the product with relevant content that explains what it is, how it is used and why it would be useful.

    • Strong online presence

    When the brand mainly sells its products in an online store, it is expected that the promotion will also take place in an online environment. What better option than to use influencer marketing for this purpose. Thus, influencers can target their followers with direct links to the product web page.

    • Specialty Market

    In cases where the new product is aimed at a specific niche or target group, which requires a precise and customized strategy, the most suitable strategy is to use the already built audience of the influencer. All that is required is to find the most suitable taqwa. For this, we at influ.ai are specialists.

    • Rapid introduction to the market

    When the goal of the campaign is to gain market share as quickly as possible, the best approach is to use influencer marketing to launch a new product. Influencers can generate interest and excitement around a product in a short amount of time.

    When is it appropriate to use influencer marketing for a new product launch?

    As we all now notice that referrals from individuals are valued far more than any other form of advertising, it is no surprise that brands are increasingly favoring working with influencers to promote their new products. Using influencer marketing for a new product launch is bound to be a win-win approach for most niche markets. In this blog, we'll look at the benefits of this approach and what we need to know to successfully implement it.

    Influencers have the unique ability to connect with their followers, who have built up a strong trust. Based on this, they have huge advantages in presenting a new product to their already close audience. Here are the advantages:

    • Better targeting

    When it comes to launching products, it's important to reach the right people at the right time. With influencer marketing, the target audience can be understood better and reached in a more effective way. Matching the brand's niche with the influencer's is key. If this synchronicity is achieved, the brand can obtain valuable information about its target group - their interests, behaviour and preferences.

    • Unique approach and creativity
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