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Influencer Marketing Lecture at IAB Breakfast

Editor - Iskra Dushkova
Using an influencer to raise awareness of a product or service has been part of marketing for centuries. In 1760, Robert Wedgwood of Wedgwood, China, began using royal endorsements to increase pottery sales. In today's digital age, influencer marketing has evolved tremendously, but its essence remains the same. Only its effectiveness does not stop growing. Due to the rapid pace of digitisation and the vast amount of information available, ordinary consumers are shifting their trust to influencers. This makes influencer marketing the new advertising proven to work.

What is an influencer marketing agency? was created to help influencers and brands connect.

And already has established relationships and campaigns related to influencer modelling. We continue to enrich our knowledge of the influencer circles daily through the best way to achieve this - PRACTICE. can be used to find the right influencers for your brand, monitor campaigns and measure results. We can help you with a wide range of activities, from discovering influencers to tracking the progress of your campaigns. You can find, or we can find for you, the influencers that fit your brand through our platform's built-in algorithms and colossal database.

Why Use Influencer Marketing?


What makes the right choice for your campaign?

The IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) is the largest global association of media, media and advertising agencies, technology companies and advertisers responsible for the digital business. was honoured to participate in the latest edition of the IAB Alarm Clock. It was devoted to influencer marketing and an overview of IAB initiatives. During the influencer marketing lecture, the owner of - Ognyan Vasilev and the leading campaign manager - Maria Ivanova, were able to contribute their knowledge of influencer marketing.

But why should you use for influencer marketing?

Let's take a look at our benefits.

The most significant benefit of working with us is that we can help you save time by minimising your efforts. You can spend less time on social media looking for influencers. Instead, we provide you with a list of influencers and their statistics. We support the creative processes during a campaign and don't stop there. We are responsible for contracts, overall administrative procedures, budget forecasting and return on investment.

What else?

With the help of IAB Bulgaria, businesses like can share their contribution to the digital world. The foundations we lay, the innovations we develop and our commitment to the marketing community.

We help set up and manage your campaigns with ease. You can also track the progress of your campaigns and optimise them accordingly. After passing the campaign itself, we enable you to generate detailed reports. at the IAB breakfast at the IAB breakfast gives a influencer marketing lecture at the IAB Bulgaria event and shares his contribution to the digital world.
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