, the first influencer platform in Bulgaria, has become a member of IAB Bulgaria. becomes a member of IAB Bulgaria

Editor - Iskra Dushkova

It is an absolute honour to announce that has become the 75th member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau Bulgaria (IAB Bulgaria)

What does our participation in the IAB mean?

Interactive Advertising Bureau Bulgaria (IAB Bulgaria) is an official licensee of the IAB and a representative of IAB Europe for Bulgaria. Among the members of IAB Bulgaria are many of the most successful digital advertising and media agencies in the country: A1 Bulgaria, Kaufland Bulgaria, UBB, DZI, Post Bank, TBI Bank, All Channels, guts & brain DDB. Its mission is to promote the advantages and possibilities of interactive marketing and show how the Internet has already become one of the main communication channels. This will support the growth and development of the interactive market in Bulgaria through training, sharing of experience, enforcement of standards, research and protection of the interests of its members.

IAB Bulgaria strives for the unification and development of the digital industry in Bulgaria. is the first platform and complete software solution in Bulgaria that facilitates the connection between companies and over 300 verified influencers. Our mission is to contribute to the development of influencer marketing in Bulgaria. Creating an influencer campaign is quite time-consuming, and if it is not prepared with the necessary attention, the results and expectations may not overlap. wants to set a precedent for using influencer marketing right, providing the tools to make it happen. With the platform, the campaign preparation processes are simplified, especially the search and connection with influencers. This makes it possible to predict and track real-time results and returns.

The first initiative of as a member of IAB Bulgaria is creating and publishing a code of good practices in influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is effective because it is based on expert recommendations. Influencers are authorities in a particular field or niche, within a specific audience, or both. So when influencers showcase products to their audience on their social media accounts, their audience trusts their opinion much more than traditional advertising. As a member of the IAB Ethics Commission, lays the foundation for a universal code of ethics when working with influencers. already applies these practices in its work on campaigns and thus imposes global standards on the Bulgarian market as well.

What does contribute to its membership in IAB Bulgaria?'s mission is to make influencer marketing accessible and show its vast benefits.


As a member of IAB Bulgaria, presented its first initiative - the creation of a code of best practices in influencer marketing.

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