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YouTube is one of the first and still existing social network platforms. Since YouTube creators started using their million audience as an opportunity to promote products, the world of digital marketing has taken a new direction. This unlocked a new generation of creative YouTubers, and influencer marketing on the platform gained new levels of popularity.

YouTube content creators have the power to create an extremely strong connection with their audience that extends far beyond the static posts and short videos which are well known on the other social networks. In this blog, we'll take a look at The role of YouTube in influencer marketing, focusing on the potential and benefits of this platform.

The role of YouTube in Influencer Marketing

The role of YouTube in influencer marketing - the possibilities of long-form content.

The power of long-form content.

The most distinctive feature of YouTube content is that it can range from a few minutes to several hours. This long form of content allows influencers to provide in-depth reviews, opinions, advice, discussions, creating an authentic connection with their viewers. Long-form videos have the ability to bring the viewer into the creator's world and make them feel as if they've known them for years.


Educational content

Authenticity as a factor is extremely important to YouTube influencers' ability to promote successfully. They can introduce their audience to both their everyday life and the essence of the brand they are promoting. Realistic YouTube reviews are something that we as consumers regularly use when hesitating to purchase a product/service. Personal association engages and draws us in. This is a way for brands to reach their desired customers easily. In YouTube influencer marketing, there is a personal emotional connection with the content creator that is difficult to achieve in other social networks.

In the world of influencer marketing, educational content is highly valued by the audience. It is becoming more and more popular as people realise that it is a great learning resource. YouTube content creators can introduce a brand to their chosen niche audience through how-to videos and tutorials. These are videos that consumers would return to again before ordering their product.

In collaboration with a brand, YouTube influencers not only raise the profile of that brand, but also their own. Like other platforms, here choosing the right content creator is extremely important. Authenticity and a sense of closeness with the viewer work to their full potential when the right person is speaking to the right audience. With the right selection, the influencer's relationship with the brand becomes key to sales and highly valued by the customer.

Some of the well known and working examples of YouTube influencer marketing are:

  • Product presentation

  • Product review and rating

  • Product promotion in already known content

  • Tutorials or How-to videos

  • Sponsored Challenges

  • Series dedicated to a given brand

  • Introducing events organised by the brand

  • Music Videos

The choice of type of video content entirely depends on the objectives to be achieved and the people to be reached.

In conclusion, we can say that the power of YouTube in influencer marketing should not be underestimated, and even on the contrary, it should be considered as a priority among other social networks. At influ.ai, we have expertise in working with brands and influencers, and success in the mission of creating successful content that generates results.

Brands and YouTube influencers working together

YouTube in Influencer Marketing - Examples and Strategies

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