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UGC (User Generated Content) is any type of content - videos, posts, reviews - that a company's customers post without being directly controlled by the company itself.

The idea isn't new at all - you might remember the social media trend a few years ago when everyone was posting photos tagging every brand present in the picture. In recent years, however, user-generated content has increasingly reached other users, which has significantly promoted products or services.


In this blog, we'll tell you more about the hyped trend, as well as look at UGC in action - how global brands have implemented engaging campaigns through user content.

UGC in Action

As a daily visitor to social media, you've surely come across the acronym UGC (User-Generated Content). You've probably wondered more than once what UGC is and why everyone on Tik Tok seems to be talking about it.

What is User-Generated Content?

    • Customers

    Unboxing Tik Tok or YouTube videos definitely grab our attention without us even realising that it's a type of UGC. These are customers who share their favourite products or service on social media, and the brand sponsors their posts. Take it like when your friend praises you for his new purchase and urges you to buy it too - well, something like that, but spread on social networks.

    Content from loyal fans of a brand is even more popular. You know the euphoria of Apple lovers when the new iPhone model is released - they must have it. Most likely, even after buying it, they will share several posts on social networks, showing their friends how happy the brand and the new product make them.

    • Employees

    What is Employee Generated UGC? These are posts with workflow footage, team relationships, and more. This employee-generated content shows the value behind the brand, demonstrates authenticity and inspires trust.

    • UGC creators

    The User-Generated Content creator publishes sponsored content on the social networks of the brand he works for. UGC creators aren't trying to build their own large audience for a brand to leverage like that of influencers. Instead, they try to use authentic "customer" content to promote a given company.

    Who publishes User-Generated Content?

    UGC in Action - Interesting Successful Campaigns

    • Calvin Klein #MyCalvins
    • Calvin Klein's #MyCalvins campaign is another very good example of UGC content. It featured both celebrities like Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande and Kendall Jenner, as well as regular people, showing the company that the popular underwear brand is for everyone.

    Let's take a look at the history of campaigns of some global brands. How does User-Generated Content promote their products in a way that is engaging for customers?

    • Doritos: Legion of the Bold

    Doritos Legion of the Bold is one of the most creative and successful User-Generated Content campaigns. Doritos is creating a website for the campaign where fans of the brand can upload original content with Doritos products - recipes, funny photos and even products they've invented.

    Not only did the winners win cash prizes, but their recipes and photos were also published on the brand's official social networks, garnering thousands of likes and comments.

    Some customers' photos have been added to Calvin Klein's official website and social media.

    • GoPro Million Dollar Challenge

    has seen unprecedented results thanks to their UGC campaign GoPro Million Dollar Challenge. It's just one example of a series of such challenges that provoke GoPro's audience of millions to participate in their product launches.

    The GoPro Million Dollar Challenge challenges participants to shoot a video with the latest HERO9 Black camera, competing for likes and comments under a common hashtag on social media.

    In conclusion, we can deduce the most important thing about UGC and that is that this type of content has always existed and will exist because people will always talk about the products they like as well as even those they don't like

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