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The rapidly developing market of influencers and influencer marketing is starting to enter Bulgaria more and more.

In his interview with Bloomberg on influencer marketing, Lachesar, co-founder of, talks about the first influencer marketing platform that connects brands with influencers to build successful marketing stories through the help of artificial intelligence.

He shares how the idea was born a few years ago with the help of a previous project of his. When communicating with influencers during his project, he discovered many so-called "pitfalls" and decided to develop software that solves these problems. The software combines the entire process and makes it easier for brands and influencers.

The platform is a product that helps to develop a niche that barely affects Central and Eastern Europe.

An essential part of the type of marketing that develops is artificial intelligence. Above all, the platform itself is data-driven. Such an extensive array of data can be processed more quickly through the platform with the help of algorithms. This leads to a preliminary prediction of results and the return of such an investment. The measurement of results depends on the target set by the brand. Influencer marketing serves to promote the brand but also to generate sales. The goal is to help brands and various marketers correlate with sales and be able to calculate what the effect was. The trend in Europe is to allocate larger budgets for this type of advertising. is not an agency but a platform that gives influencers the freedom to work with it.

"Micro-influencers are the great force of this marketing." is a platform that contains a large number of micro-influencers. The platform enables people with a fast-growing profile to get another communication channel and facilitate their work process. Micro-influencers are the ones that prevail on the platform, as it is believed that they are one of the great forces of this type of marketing - shares Lachezar. The content is authentic and organically presented by them, making them quite close to their followers and leading to higher engagement. An algorithm and a script that helps to filter and choose just those people who are suitable automatically. They are selected according to different criteria, some of the most important criteria being that they post regularly, have no fake followers and have high engagement. works with leading brands and agencies in the Bulgarian market. The platform is where brands and influencers connect and provides advertisers with various tools to select and analyse influencers and create influencer campaigns. All operational logistics such as contracts, payments, communication and ROI measurement at the end of a campaign become's responsibility. The process covers every part of a campaign from start to finish, planning, preparation and campaign management. This is what helps to work with big leading brands.

A suitable example of this is two campaigns of Nedelya confectionery, which led to an excellent organic result for promoting their products with the help of the platform.

What makes such a platform successful? in Bloomberg sharing the need of an influencer marketing in Bloomberg sharing the need of an influencer marketing
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