Why would a company choose to increase their through influencers?
Why would a company choose to increase their through influencers?

Why would a company choose to increase their sales through influencers?

Editor – Iskra Dushkova

Selection of appropriate influencers and communication with them during a marketing campaign

influ.ai is an online influencer marketing platform whose primary goal is to connect brands with influencers. The platform provides various elements to advertisers that help select and analyze influencers for their campaigns. Thus, through our software, they can find suitable influencers for them, and they can create and manage their influencer campaigns. They can also, quickly and easily, measure results in real-time and the return of the investment itself - this is what Lachezar, co-founder of influ.ai, shared in his interview with TV Europe.

Why would a company choose to increase their sales through influencers?

First of all, it is pretty challenging to find the right influencer. For example, if there is a food brand, people who post food content on their social networks should be found. If a brand is into cars, it would be most helpful to find an influencer who posts or is interested in cars and, accordingly, that influencer's audience has the same interests. This leads to greater engagement from the individual influencer's followers towards the product in question. If the influencers are unsuitable for the campaign, then the effect will not be the desired one. In this line of thinking, the first problem is finding the right person for the brand to ensure full commitment to the product based on its audience. This is one brand problem that we solve through various software technologies.

A second problem occurs in the communication between brands and influencers because sometimes it is complicated when working with a large number of influencers. For example, to specify the relevant publication dates, draw up a schedule and have accurate results. Our team notices that "screenshots are floating", which is a rather unpleasant and time-consuming process. influ.ai's software makes it possible to avoid this and solves these problems by automating and optimising these processes.

Globally, it has become a serious marketing channel, and more and more brands rely on it in their marketing strategies. In the recent past, only a few brands did it, and it was seen as something that was just an excellent addition. Currently, most companies have started orienting themselves towards global trends and taking this marketing type seriously. When an influencer publishes content as an advertisement for a brand, they publish it in front of their audience, which is undoubtedly active and interested in the influencer. This leads to authenticity, and the people, the brand's potential customers, can make a decision based on a real person. The brand has become more recognisable than before. The process is convenient and closer to the audience than other advertising types, making companies choose to increase their sales with influencers.

How artificial intelligence helps better communication between influencers and brands

Тhe space is oversaturated with a massive amount of data. Our platform's function is to process the data and provide it to marketers. This makes it easier for them to make decisions based on data. Through different algorithms, when the brand likes an influencer, the platform can show him ten other influencers who publish similar content, which is done with the help of artificial intelligence. Thanks to this data, algorithms and optimisation are quite a helpful tool and save companies a lot of time. Influ.ai has a contract with Facebook, which helps to provide authentic data to advertisers legally. This makes it easier for our software to filter out real influencers and those with fake followers. The influencers are selected according to the criteria, allowing them to register on our platform. There are no criteria for brands; any company that has decided to integrate influencer marketing into their marketing strategy seriously is welcome. Every process carried out by influ.ai is legally supported so that there are no aggrieved parties. When there is a contract or agreement


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