How to make an influencer marketing campaign?

Why is influencer marketing used?

What main advantages can be drawn from influencer marketing when working with

Influencer marketing has been developing in the last years with the development of social media. Both of them slowly became an irreplaceable part of our day-to-day lives. This type of marketing has quadrupled in the past ten years, with marketers believing it has become an integral part of an influencer marketing campaign. Influencer marketing generally helps the sales process and touches upon (effects) multiple goals that each agency or company is trying to achieve. Such objectives can be summarised as the popularisation of the brand, attracting new customers, and the direct conversion of sales. When it comes down to a similar marketing campaign, the revenue earned from it would be equal to or even more significant than the other types of marketing campaigns.

How are influencer marketing campaigns made?
How are influencer marketing campaigns made?
The three main advantages that can be drawn from influencer marketing are- efficiency, traceability, and added value.

Influencer marketing can be compared to the word to mouth marketing. This means that many consumers buy a product based on recommendations from social media or specific influencers. Due to the interactivity and the representative appearance of the content posted, the users are likelier to share, comment, and like the content. This helps the product reach more people and makes the campaign more compelling, ensuring higher efficiency.

Before the campaign, influencers are always carefully selected to maximize return and results. This process can be easily measured and tracked by seeing the actual and easily-accessible influencer data provided by's platform. Another bonus is that it can be predicted what the impact of such a campaign could be. After and during the campaign, the results can still be traced in real-time. Allowing immediate response from marketers in case of complications to improve the outcome and easily calculate the real return on investment

Something that should not be underestimated is the added value, which is the outcome of the long-lasting effect of the content. In most campaigns, the content is quite diverse. It can take the form of a story, which is visible only for twenty-four hours, but also as a post that is constantly present in the influencer's profile. This way, after the campaign is over, every user who entered the profile of that particular influencer would be able to see the post and generate more traffic.

How are influencer marketing campaigns made?
How are influencer marketing campaigns made?
The main challenges in working independently with an influencer are numerous or, as mentioned by Victoria Viktorova, the CEO of Press Start and one of the guests at the webinar, "a real drudgery ".The selection of influencers is often quite complex and inefficient due to the lack of comprehensive and synthesised information. Without the information that provides, the process becomes complicated due to the lack of data for forecasting results. Fixing a budget and predicting returns are almost impossible without all the necessary data, and this leads to uncertainty and improper use of influencer marketing.

Contact with the influencers can be pretty complicated as well. It requires an intensive search for different communication channels, and the feedback period is usually longer than desired. During the influencer marketing campaign itself, it is good to follow how it is going in real-time. This gives time to react and reflect on whether something needs to be changed in the concept or the vision if it does not bring the desired result.

The last step comes after the campaign has taken place, and it is necessary to consider whether it was successful or not. Here, the lack of transparency and efficient process is the main problem of self-employed companies. It leads to the accumulation of technical work that can easily be avoided in such a purely digital process, as proven by the successful campaigns of

What are the main challenges in working independently with influencers through the prism of marketing agencies and companies?

"Selecting influencers and communicating with them is a separate full-time job. The platform allows companies to select, review and have an idea of what to expect. The pre-prepared schedule greatly simplifies the work process, allowing easy planning and transparency."- Victoria Viktorova, CEO of Press Start.

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