The lecture by InfluAi in SoftUni explains what is needed for a successful marketing campaign
The lecture by InfluAi in SoftUni explains what is needed for a successful marketing campaign

Influencer Marketing Lecture at SoftUni

In his influencer marketing lecture in front of SoftUni Digital, Latchezar Mladenov from shares his experience on the topic of the influencer market

SoftUni Digital is one of a kind program for educating and preparing digital marketing experts. This program is aimed at practising and teaching new trends in the digital world. Every student gets the key skills needed to be a successful digital marketing expert. Successful graduates get career support from top companies from all over the world.

This is only one of the reasons why SoftUni Digital has turned into one of the most successful places for education on digital marketing in Bulgaria. SoftUni has been bestowed with a plethora of prizes due to their input into the development of the digital industry in Bulgaria.

SoftUni Digital is the perfect place for a person to learn what exactly is influencer marketing and why this digital phenomenon is of importance.

By 2022 the influencer marketing market is expected to reach $15 million globally. This demonstrates the enormous state of this digital industry.

The presentation done by Latchezar who is a co-founder of, analyses how in influencing you get from an idea to the end product. Firstly, it's important to look at your aims, target audience, budget and time frames. These are the basic points that need to be established before a project begins developing. Then you need to look at your strategy and goals. It's crucial to find the right influencer for every campaign. To do so, you need to follow these five points: fake followers and engagement; unfair wages; wrong expectations; wrong target audience; poorly planned schedule. Price management, budgeting and planning the end results are also an important part of every influencer's campaign. is the home of over 300 influencers who have participated in an array of successful marketing campaigns precisely due to them following those steps. Two examples that portray this can be seen in the campaign between the cake company Nedelya and where the aim was to promote a new product as well as the campaign for the brand Acer.

Thanks to the platform given to us by SoftUni Digital, we from had the opportunity to share our skills and experience, for which we're very thankful. If you want to watch our influencer marketing lecture at SoftUni or look at our presentation, you can visit SoftUni Digital's website or click here.

All of these steps play a vital part in the creation of a successful influencer campaign.

Editor – Maria Ivanova

During an influencer marketing lecture at SoftUni, shares its experience in creating successful influencer campaigns.

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