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We dive into the holiday season again - with a cup of hot chocolate and a cozy atmosphere. However, this time of year is also the time of the most intense mass shopping. In addition to the flashing lights, it's good to look at your business's sales. With social media an ever-present part of our lives, the art of influencer marketing emerges as a guide for brands aiming high during their holiday campaigns. In this blog, we're going to cover everything you need to know about holiday influencer campaigns.

Holiday Influencer Campaigns

What better opportunity to boost sales than holiday influencer campaigns?

Why and when to use holiday influencer campaigns

We know very well that with the temperature dropping outside, online shopping becomes a total favourite. That means it's important to get your brand noticed during the holidays. How? With influencers. Influencers help brands reach consumers in a more personal, authentic way by creating unique content that showcases a product or service in a real-life context. Influencer marketing can give you a strategic edge and take your sales to the next level. This entertaining lifestyle-focused content is especially powerful during the holiday season, when consumers are constantly bombarded with traditional ads. The season has everyone shopping for gifts, decorations and what not. If you dedicate your business's marketing strategy to holiday influencer campaigns, you will undoubtedly increase your awareness.

However, one thing we know for sure - consumers need to see a product more than once before buying it. Therefore, influencers should have enough time to familiarise their audience with the product well enough before the holiday gift rush is over.

Trends & Strategies

Now that we've convinced you there's no time to waste, let's take a look at the trending holiday influencer campaigns that are impressing consumers.

1. Custom shipments

Use the holidays to send personalised packages of your products to influencers for them to unbox in front of their audience.

With December lurking around the corner, NOW is the perfect time to get started on organising your holiday influencer marketing for your business. Late November and early December is the best time to boost your sales.

2. Challenges

Hashtag challenges are a universal thing for any season, but Christmas challenges can be a lot more fun than you think.

3. Festive GIVEAWAY

Is there anything customers love more than a Giveaway game? It's also a great way to find out how much of an influencer's audience is interested in your brand.

4. Holiday discount codes

Last Black Friday deals are never enough, especially before Christmas.

You can read more for Black Friday Influencer Marketing.

Our tips for holiday influencer campaigns

  • Decide on the goal of the campaign and the key performance indicators you will track to measure success,
  • Give yourself enough time to plan the campaign,
  • Choose key dates for posts,
  • Strictly select the offers to be published.

5. Use a themed countdown

Pique your customers' interest with posts counting down the time until an upcoming sale.

6. Christmas Shopping with Influencers

Increasingly popular is content where influencers post stories while shopping, immersing their audience in the authenticity of the process. This is a great alternative for holiday influencer campaigns.

And the last piece of advice we would give you is - work with specialists! Choosing influencers and the campaign process during the holidays are difficult tasks that we at Influ.ai will help you with! Don't miss your chance to get the most out of the holidays and launch your brand with influencer marketing.

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